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Machine Design.

Work Photos and Details

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Machine design is defined as the use of imagination, scientific principles and engineering techniques to create a machine or structure economically, in order to satisfy the requirements of a customer. Machine design is the first step involved in creation of a machine



An engineering drawing is a type of technical drawing that is used to convey information about an object. A common use is to specify the geometry necessary for the construction of a component and is called a detail drawing. Usually, a number of drawings are necessary to completely specify even a simple component.

Press Tool Design

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A press tool is a metal forming machine tool designed to shape or cut metal by applying mechanical force. There are a variety of different press tools to cut, punch, sheer, trim, form and bend materials. ... Press tools are often custom built to produce a component usually made from sheet metal.

Product Design


Product design describes the process of imagining, creating, and iterating products that solve users' problems or address specific needs in a given market. The key to successful product design is an understanding of the end-user customer, the person for whom the product is being created.

Jig Fixture Design

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Fixture Design Basics" describes the components and purposes of fixtures and the fundamental concepts related to creating efficient fixtures. Fixtures are custom workholding devices used in many manufacturing operations to secure, support, and locate a workpiece

Mould Design

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Mould design is an important part of the development process when considering the production of a new moulding. Some considerations are given below. The shape of the moulded part has a direct bearing on the time involved in making the mould, the cycle time of the moulding.

Conveyors And Automatic Machines

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 conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Conveyors are especially useful in applications involving the transport of heavy or bulky materials.

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